Colour Matching & Management

Looking to reproduce a specific colour? Maritime Labels & Packaging offers a colour matching service. Using Esko's Colour Kit, we are able to use your colour sample and determine the best possible process colour mix to reproduce it as closely as possible, from 4 colour process through 7 colour process printing methods.

Xrite Esko Color KitMaritime Labels & Packaging takes colour control seriously. Each press has built-in colour densitometers for colour calibrating and monitoring. The usage of Esko Colour Kit colour profiling and management software helps to keep colour control within industry aceptable Delta E tolerances.

In cases where precise colour matching is imperative, consider the added benefits of custom ink mixing and printing. 


  • Sample measurement and ink mix calculation
  • Print test and verification or adjustment
  • Obtain client approval & maintain sample
  • Define ink definitions
  • Incorporate spot colour swatch into print designs
  • Reproduction of custom colour within acceptable Delta E tolerances