Roll Unwind Information and Stock Die List

There are eight unwind directions which describe how the labels come off of the roll. Unwinds are typically important only for automatic and semi-automatic (machine) applications. Hand applications may have preferred unwinds per individual, but are not critical for the end use. Please be sure to specify if your job has a required unwind in order to ensure it is compatible with your application method. Refer to the unwind chart to choose the applicable unwind you require.
Unwind #1 - Outside Top LeadRewind #2 - Outside Bottom LeadUnwind #3 - Outside Right LeadUnwind #4 - Outside Left LeadUnwind #5 - Inside Top LeadUnwind #5 - Inside Top LeadUnwind #7 - Inside Right LeadUnwind #8 - Inside Left Lead

For machine applications, we will require the following information to best meet your needs: 

- Unwind Direction (#1 Outside Top; #2 Outside Bottom; #3 Outside Right; #4 Outside Left; #5 Inside Top; #6 Inside Bottom; #7 Inside Right; #8 Inside Left)

- Maximum roll outside diameter

- Front and Back labels inline on the same roll or separate rolls (when applicable) 

Below you will find a list of our stock cutting sizes available to choose from with no additional cost.  The list is organized by shape and then by "size across". For most machine applications, the size across will represent the label height and the "size around" will represent the width. Click the image below to open the PDF in a new window.  Ask us for further details. 

Stock label sizes